While I was implementing the login feature, I was wondering what the best practice would be regarding where to store the JWT token.

Local Storage & Session Storage

There are two types of storage in web: localStorage and sessionStorage. These two allow saving key-value pairs within the browser (up to 5MB). …

Imagine a component which has the following code:

This sample will render a ‘Parent’ text and a ‘Child’ text like this:

Rendered contents

How would the console output differ between clicking ‘Parent’ text versus ‘Child’ text? Let us analyze each output to learn about event propagation.


  • Capturing phase came before…

This article shows a few ways of writing unit tests to test drive the controller and service layers of a Reactive application.

How to test Functional Endpoints

Functional endpoints can be mapped by defining a RouterFunction bean. Let us look at an example below which maps 4 endpoints. It can be observed that each endpoint…


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